final solve as a 3x3x3

this shows the 5x5 and 3x3 in equivalent states after doing 4x4 reduction. the 4x4 tredges correspond to a single edge on the 3x3, and the 9 center pieces on the 4x4 correspond to the center of each face on the 3x3

now for the final solve. as there is nearly an unlimited number of pages on solving the 3x3 we won't go into great detail about that, below are links to pages that have good methods, and we provide some tips regarding the physical aspects of solving the big cube like a 3x3.


now the main thing is to be patient, if something goes wrong when solving a 5x5x5 it usually goes really, really wrong, setting you back many steps. being smooth will make you fast automatically with repetition, whereas trying to be fast will not give you smoothness.

holding the inside corners as opposed the exact center like a 3x3, holding these inside corners ensures that no accidental deep layer turns happen, which can be disastrous for the solve.

Lars Petrus' page

Shotaro "Macky" Makisumi's page

Master Katsu's page

Lars Vandenbergh's page

Ron van Bruchem's page

these pages are made by the best of the best, these represent almost all the well known solving methods as well as some lesser known ones. there are many, many pages for the 3x3 so be sure to find a method and algorithms that suit your style best. What is right for one solver might not be (and probably isn't) what's best for you.

final solve progress gauge
master final solve <30 seconds you have your 3x3 method mastered and regularly achieve sub-20 averages with a 3x3 cube.
intermediate final solve <45 seconds you have your method down, but solving is slow and clumsy. experiment with what grip and finger techniques work for you.
beginner final solve 45+ seconds you either need to work on the 3x3 solve method you use, or you just need time to get used to using a bigger cube. be sure to not rush and let the speed come naturally through fast recognition and a good method.

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