after a long time of laziness and stupidity, we have revived the first ever bigcubes solving site on the internet, complete with javascript cubes for visual demonstration of algs and patterns, as well as our world-famous last 2 tredges index for 5x5.
not much is different since reduction solving hasn't changed a ton, just gotten a lot faster. we've left the timings for beginner/intermediate/master up for posterity, as these were valid back when bigcubes was made and we were cubing (and dinosaurs roamed the earth). however world class cubers are doing these things in 1/3 of the time of the 'master level' these days.

welcome back, and without further ado....

In this site we have endeavored to make a comprehensive, easy-to-learn-from site to speedsolve these big cubes. This site has been designed for a quick and easy study, but any questions, comments or suggestions are welcomed, if you really like the site check out our credits page and let us know. If any of the terms or notation is confusing, the notations (under construction) or glossary page will help. This site was fortunate to have the best solvers at the time of construction take the time to review and improve it, so be assured some of the best methods for solving are here. This page will be under improvment and construction for quite some time, so please bear with us, and enjoy!
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